Mehl, meet Wordpress.

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My first post using WordPress… I should’ve started with this place instead of the evil powers that are iWeb. I’ve seen so many “publishing error” messages to frustrate a computer nerd a thousand times over. Of course, I’m not much of a computer nerd, so I shouldn’t really say that. Probably shouldn’t say that at all considering that in total all of my audience (likely a small number) will be reading this via the internet.

I’ll keep this first post rather short because there will be another to quickly follow, but some background must be established before I begin with the blog itself.

I’ll begin by following my travels in Austria and a lot of Europe over what was last year’s spring semester at Johannes Kepler Universität (JKU) in Linz, Austria. Keyboard shortcuts are great (note the ä (alt+u, then a)). Anyway, I was a student at JKU for a semester last year while participating in a program called ISEP. International Student Exchange Program. My actual school is Northwestern State University (NSU) in Natchitoches, LA. Better yet, let me just write this somewhere else. Later on, there are things to do, like schoolwork. Hmmm, let other procrastinations continue.