Yurtville, Arkansas!

With a total of 8 yurts, Stone Winds Retreat in Chester, AR provides a heavenly respite and serene calmness lulling you into relaxation with every breath of the fresh Ozark air.

Amber Waves of Grain

A fallen chestnut colored leaf sleeps on an elegant, pillowy growth of moss. Underneath, a frozen mass which formed the largest icicle I've ever seen!

While some shots urge you to hasten your finger's movement and release the shutter, the calm winds of Chester, AR allowed for relaxed photographic opportunities.

Frances took this one, randomly and with a great outcome.

“Hurry! Hurry! You’ve got to see this!!” Running up the hill, I found what is now ingrained in me. Yes, both the smile and the sunset.

If there were a Tree of Life in Arkansas, this would probably be it.

Okay, she said hesitantly and hiding her smile underneath, “I’ll take a serious photo”.

 A more-than-wonderful birthday weekend with an incredible friend, beautiful days, nights, stars, and memories.



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