Time Travel

if you could go back in time, where would you go? To what time in your life would you return? Why?

Sometimes I feel a haze run over my eyes. Feeling like your world is glossed over like a speed reader with a novel or a baker with cake is no way to live. I want each moment to be full, real, a slow-motion event I can embrace as one of the single best moments if only because it is the current moment. You’re not always going to be 18, 22, 24, 67. You’re not always going to be alive. And when you’re not, will you wish you’d done something different? Will you even be able to? Will you be able to understand the mistakes you made and the instances you wish you’d been able to foresee happening before they left you with regret?

Should you say, “yes, I’d go back”? Should you ever say should? And if you do go back does it necessarily mean you regret? Maybe you merely want to peer in on your life or the life of another.

The backyard was full of mud from the most recent rain just hours before. Your best friend, a red headed stripling, arrives and accompanies you, your mud, and every action figure plaything you own in short order. Why this time? Such a simple memory – such simple, sheer joy. Hours on end the two of you enjoy the everything-ness of nature encapsulating each particle within and around you. Is it the story you love, the friend, the childhood memory, the feeling you had within those countless hours of muddied feet, hands, and plastic? What if it is something more than that? A greater sentiment returning again and again in your mind to relay a message. 

Maybe the message is that you need someone when you doubt yourself. You want to share the moments of simplicity, the muddy moments, and the overwhelmingly plastic-filled moments with someone with whom you connect on a level you don’t think others can understand. The beauty though, seen now that you’re older, is that these connections aren’t as rare as some make them out to be. Even better, these moments of utter beauty don’t have to be rare either, they can be found in every breath of life. Connections surround us now more than ever and people really aren’t always as negative as our typical News portrays. Reach within yourself and find the childhood joy within if only for a second and try your utmost to embrace it. Better still, share that joy with someone else – known or otherwise.


This post was created with inspiration from the movie “Safety Not Guaranteed“. 


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