Self Portrait with newly purchased Nikon D7000 (April, 2011)

Initially this site was one I set up for my friends and family. Mostly my family. I say family, but it was really mostly my worrisome parents. Yes, I know, I’m a sweet, caring, thoughtful son. They used the blog and photo albums of my travels when unable to speak directly to me or when I neglected to write them an e-mail every so often. Now I want this to be something a little different. I will travel more in the coming year. I’m determined of this. I’ve decided that life is about experiencing the world immediately (and not so much) around you. Whether naive or cliche, the desire to travel again since arriving home has never left my thoughts. It’s become more of a need really, to travel. I guess I should say that I studied abroad in Austria for a semester and was able to, while taking German and some Chemistry courses, travel a great deal during my time there, experience wonderful people, and enjoy life as I believe we should all be able to enjoy it. This website will likely end up being a journal of sorts until I really start traveling again, but I suppose I’ll post things and information I come across that may be able to help someone in some way. I believe that if you truly desire to do something enough, it can be done, you can have it, you must only act on the things necessary to make it materialize.


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